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Australian slaughterhouses exposed for cruelty (14 so far)

The slaughterhouses listed here were exposed by a number of different organisations. Aussie Farms does not take any credit for the investigations conducted by other organisations, and the opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent the opinions of those organisations; nor are these organisations affiliated in any way with Aussie Farms. Unless otherwise stated, the footage and/or photographs pertaining to each investigation were sent anonymously to the specified organisation.

Cradoc Hill Abattoir

Owned by: Huon Valley Meat Co - James Lord     State: TAS     Exposed: October 2017 by Animal Liberation Tasmania & Aussie Farms    Status: Closed

Cradoc Hill Abattoir is the third Tasmanian slaughterhouse to be exposed in a year. Owned by Huon Valley Meat Co, the hidden camera footage shows terrified animals trying to escape, improper stunning techniques and physical and verbal abuse of cows, sheep and pigs. Outside behind the slaughterhouse, large piles of rotting carcasses, organs, severed heads and other body parts are left to rot. 

Tasmanian Quality Meats Abattoir

Owned by: Tasmanian Quality Meats Pty Ltd     State: TAS     Exposed: May 2017 by Animal Liberation and Animal Liberation Tasmania    Status: Open and operating

Award-winning export abattoir. Kills sheep and bobby calves. First exposed in May 2017 by Animal Liberation and Animal Liberation Tasmania after a hidden camera investigation in late 2016 revealed systemic cruelty, additional footage released by Animal Liberation in July 2017.

Riverside Meats Abattoir

Owned by: Riverside Meats Echuca Pty Ltd     State: VIC     Exposed: November 2016 by Animals Australia    Status: Open and operating

New footage taken by hidden cameras inside Riverside Meats Abattoir, Echuca VIC, was released by Animals Australia in late 2016, 3 years after the facility was first exposed. Victims of horrific abuse include bobby calves ('waste products' of the dairy industry), goats, sheep, cows and pigs. 

Gretna Quality Meats

Owned by: Unknown     State: TAS     Exposed: October 2016 by Animal Liberation NSW    Status: Open and operating

Exposed by Animal Liberation NSW in October 2016. Hidden cameras captured workers hitting and inadequately stunning animals, shooting them with a rifle, and often stunning or killing them in front of each other.

Benalla Abattoir

Owned by: C A Sinclair     State: VIC     Exposed: December 2015 by Animal Liberation VIC and Animal Liberation NSW    Status: Open and operating

Uses a Butina carbon dioxide gas chamber to suffocate pigs until they are unconscious, after forcing them up the race with a high-amperage electric prodder. Also kills calves and sheep.

Australian Food Group Abattoir

Owned by: Australian Food Group     State: VIC     Exposed: December 2015 by Animal Liberation VIC and Animal Liberation NSW    Status: Open and operating

In close proximity to Diamond Valley Pork, the Australian Food Group abattoir uses a slightly different system of carbon dioxide gas stunning, however it is just as excruciating for the pigs.

Diamond Valley Pork

Owned by: Diamond Valley Pork, Rivalea Australia     State: VIC     Exposed: December 2015 by Animal Liberation VIC and Animal Liberation NSW    Status: Open and operating

Victoria's largest pig slaughterhouse, which has for many years been RSPCA accredited, killing large numbers of pigs including those from "free range" farms in a horrific carbon dioxide gas chamber.

Gathercole's Wangaratta Abattoir

Owned by: Unknown     State: VIC     Exposed: January 2015 by Aussie Farms    Status: Open and operating

Gathercole's Slaughterhouse in Wangaratta VIC kills lambs/sheep, pigs, cows, goats and, on rare occasions, young calves who are "waste products" of the dairy industry. An employee at Gathercoles abattoir has spoken of incidents where pigs have made it through to the scalding tank still conscious, finally meeting their deaths by drowning.

Big River Pork Abattoir

Owned by: Big River Pork Pty Ltd     State: SA     Exposed: July 2014 by Aussie Farms    Status: Open and operating

Hidden cameras were placed inside the Big River Pork pig slaughterhouse near Murray Bridge, South Australia depicts workers using electric cattle prods excessively to force pigs (including sows) into the carbon dioxide (CO2) gas chamber, where they then scream and trash as they suffocate and full unconscious. The footage inside the chamber is clearer than that filmed at Corowa.

Corowa Abattoir

Owned by: Rivalea Australia     State: NSW     Exposed: May 2014 by Aussie Farms    Status: Open and operating

The largest pig slaughterhouse in Australia, killing up to 1 million pigs per year. Hidden cameras reveal the suffering behind the so-called "humane" stunning method of carbon dioxide gas. Pigs are forced into the gas chamber by repeated use of an electric cattle prod; hearing the screams of others ahead of them inside the chamber, many pigs will try to jump out of the pen and refuse to go into the chamber.

Inghams Tahmoor Abattoir

Owned by: Inghams Enterprises Pty Ltd     State: NSW     Exposed: March 2013 by Animal Liberation NSW    Status: Open and operating

Animal Liberation NSW obtained hidden camera footage from Inghams Turkey Abattoir in Tahmoor, near Sydney NSW. Over 136 instances of animal cruelty were recorded from cameras placed over the shackling area, where birds are unloaded from trucks and placed onto the shackling line to be killed. In the footage, workers were seen kicking and punching turkeys, and bashing them against the floor and the side of the truck.

Laverton Knackery

Owned by: Unknown     State: VIC     Exposed: December 2012 by Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses (CPR)    Status: Open and operating

In late 2012, the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses used hidden cameras to film horrific scenes at the Laverton Knackery in Victoria, where unwanted horses are lined up and shot one by one. One horse was dragged half-dead across the concrete ground for over 60 metres, before being shot again and having his throat slit.

Hawkesbury Valley Meats

Owned by: Hawkesbury Valley Meat Processors Pty Ltd     State: NSW     Exposed: February 2012 by Animal Liberation NSW    Status: Open and operating

Footage captured by Animal Liberation NSW shows inadequate stunning of animals resulting in them being 'stuck' (throats cut) whilst conscious and bleeding out, and incidents of animals showing 'sensibility' after having their throats cut, such as raising their heads and arching their backs. Animals are seen skinned alive due to inadequate stunning. Pigs are beaten with a metal pole after failing to be rendered unconscious from stunning.

LE Giles & Sons Abattoir

Owned by: L.E. Giles & Sons     State: VIC     Exposed: November 2011 by Animals Australia    Status: Closed - licence terminated

An undercover animal advocate was given access to the kill floor of the LE Giles & Sons Abattoir in Trafalgar VIC. Among the incidents she captured on camera were the routine stabbing of electric stunning equipment into the eyes and pigs of ears, and a pig beaten to death with a sledgehammer.

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